Once upon a time….

In April 11 2004 a little border collie was born. I had waited for this puppy so long. A year before I lost my beloved border collie Simson aged 5,5, when he was run over by a car. Now I was going to meet this miracle for the first time – and she was only 2 days old.


Embla 2 days old.

1947547_10152260682581810_806608222_n (1)

Indra – her beautiful mom. She helped me a lot when I was mourning the loss of Simson. ❤


Indra’s belly.

1903098_10152260682681810_427746844_n (1)

Indra’s litter – Embla’s 9 brothers and sisters. Atlas, Hero, Amber, Puma, Etna, … ❤


Going home for a couple of hours.


Cuddling on the sofa with Tina.



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