Soon, very soon…

Update July 21

I got an sms early this morning saying that Chica/Elsa is not coming today due to the Turkish Airlines animal confirmation. New arrival will be tomorrow. Meanwhile – I just wait and see what happens. I won’t believe it until I see it!!! Together with Chica/Elsa will this gentleman come to his fosterhome in Norway. ❤ This is his story:

Update July 20, 19:20:

Only 16 hrs until Chica/Elsa finally arrives! I’m so happy, anxious, nervous…! I’m fully aware of that people will ask me “Why don’t you adopt a dog from Sweden?” My answer to that is that I know there are many dogs in Sweden that need a new home, but Chica/Elsa is destined to be my little dog. She has the same look in her beautiful eyes as my darling Embla. I can’t turn away from her. Tomorrow a new chapter in her life begins.


Update June 15:

I got a message yesterday that Chica/Elsa is about to try her wings and fly to us! Can’t wait until I have her here with us. She still needs rehab, but most of all she needs home therapy!



…this beautiful girl will be a new member of our family. We are waiting here for you Chica/Elsa. Elsa will be your new name. This is her story.

Update on Chica/Elsa 16/5-15

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Here I leave a space for the home coming video.

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