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Embla’s and Eddie’s new sister

May I introduce you to Elsa? She’s a rescue dog from Turkey. She used to live her life on the streets. That life ended on February 25th when she was hit by a car, not only once but twice. The young man behind the wheel and his friends did this on purpose. The left her severely wounded, broken spine (L7 for those who knows) and a broken front leg. She was paralysed. Fortunately she was rescued by He’art of Rescue in Istanbul and taken to specialists in Spain since the vets in Turkey couldn’t fix her. A week ago, on July 22nd she finally came to us. She has still problems such as she cannot pee or poop on will. She also needs water therapy and lots of other thing. But she is a sweety. ❤

Soon, very soon…

Update July 21

I got an sms early this morning saying that Chica/Elsa is not coming today due to the Turkish Airlines animal confirmation. http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2010/10/26/turkish-airlines-worlds-worst-airline-for-pets/ New arrival will be tomorrow. Meanwhile – I just wait and see what happens. I won’t believe it until I see it!!! Together with Chica/Elsa will this gentleman come to his fosterhome in Norway. http://heartofrescuetr.org/2015/07/20/saving-ray-bring-back-the-light/ ❤ This is his story: https://youtu.be/E-7bWVd2Ars

Update July 20, 19:20:

Only 16 hrs until Chica/Elsa finally arrives! I’m so happy, anxious, nervous…! I’m fully aware of that people will ask me “Why don’t you adopt a dog from Sweden?” My answer to that is that I know there are many dogs in Sweden that need a new home, but Chica/Elsa is destined to be my little dog. She has the same look in her beautiful eyes as my darling Embla. I can’t turn away from her. Tomorrow a new chapter in her life begins.


Update June 15:

I got a message yesterday that Chica/Elsa is about to try her wings and fly to us! Can’t wait until I have her here with us. She still needs rehab, but most of all she needs home therapy!



…this beautiful girl will be a new member of our family. We are waiting here for you Chica/Elsa. Elsa will be your new name. This is her story. http://heartofrescuetr.org/2015/03/16/save-chica-they-ran-over-her-for-fun-and-broke-her-spine/chica:elsa

Update on Chica/Elsa 16/5-15

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